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Personal Branding Series | Discover yourself and make the world a better place

Personal branding is a way to discover your true self and give back in ways that matter. Over the years, I have offered practical tools, resources and coached people be their best selves through personal branding. As an internal communications expert, I believe that organizations are an amalgamation of personal brands and unless leaders recognize this insight, employee engagement will always seem elusive. Likewise, if you work for yourself, you need to stand apart by making others the center of the world.

In this Personal Branding Series, I interview thought leaders and experts who share their experiences and tips to build personal brands. If you are a personal brand in your own right, use this form to share your responses on questions that will help me evaluate your background and eligibility to participate in this Series.

Apart from posting the stories here, all video recordings will be hosted on my You Tube channel and linked via my blog

The interviews, will take between 30-45 mins and are conversations on Skype (my ID is [email protected]) based on a mutually agreed time. They will cover questions listed on this form.

Look up a few sample interviews to know more.

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