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Keen to tap content opportunities? Here are 4 ideas to kick-start your efforts

Every organization, big or small, has enough stories to inspire and engage. Other they hold back thinking of the following:

–       That the content may not be of interest to audiences,

–       That it was done a while ago and may have lost relevance,

–       There isn’t much depth in the content,

–       Or, if it will be well received

Every event, initiative, campaign or meeting has content and stories which you can tap. Content marketing is crucial for building your brand image and improving perceptions. Assuming your channels are in order, there is no reason to avoid sharing content in various shapes and forms. There is also hesitation about the content getting dated. Irrespective of how much the content you have has aged, there is still a way to revisit and re-purpose it. From ‘throw-backs’ to ‘a day that year’, from ‘compare and contrasts’ to ‘how was it done before’ kind of content themes can bring dated content live.

All this is just about your content – we aren’t even talking of the opportunities that social media platforms offer. From ephemeral content to VR/AR types of stories, the sky is the limit. Considering this – by 2021, about 80% of all internet traffic will be video.

So here are some of the key opportunities which you can consider while building your pipeline of content.

–       Had a manager meet? It is important for other staff to know how it fared and what managers think. Likewise, it is also important for your stakeholders to learn how your organization engages managers. One of the key reasons people join or leave are because of how managers behave.

–       Leaders visiting from other markets? Why not get them to share how they perceive the local market, what they experienced and why it matters.

–       Have employees volunteering at a local community event? There is more than just photo opportunities you can leverage. Ask employees what motivates them to volunteer? You may already know one of the strongest reasons that attract millennials to organizations and to get them to stay is the company’s purpose and social activism.

–       Conducted an open house? It is always great to hear what employees think and how transparent and direct were leaders. With the worlds between internal and external communications blurring, word would anyway get around on channels like Glassdoor. Why not take the lead and talk about your own culture instead of having others own the narrative?

While all this sounds simple and easy to do, to build a content engine needs the communicators to have a strong network and relationships at all levels, be proactive with seeking content, demonstrating keen intent to make channels come alive and direct the organization’s staff to share content earnestly.

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