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Five communication dilemmas that Global Capability Centers must overcome

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Considering the significant and strategic investments that organizations make to set up global capability centers, it is often surprising that there is limited effort to back them with sound and timely communication interventions. This uncertainty in decision-making results in organizations staying in limbo and adversely impacting their brands.

  • Invest now or later: Organizations expect that the investments they make on communications (systems, team, processes, policies, practices etc) will give returns right away. That unfortunately, isn’t the reality. To bear fruit, organizations need to nurture communication investments over time. It requires leaders to give time, focus and stay committed to this strategic investment. While there can be short-term wins from branding or industry engagements, without a long-term strategy these interventions will not be sustainable.
  • Involve staff in strategic decisions or not: Keeping strategic decisions under wraps and not communicating with staff early enough leads to confusion and resentment. Confusion stems from the inability of leaders to articulate a common narrative and consistently engage staff. This creates dissonance and builds resentment.Especially, in global capability centers – considered more removed from the end customer, it matters a lot if staff are informed and engaged. Openly and transparently sharing the company’s strategic initiatives and inviting staff to participate in the process builds harmony and positive intent.

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