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How do I arrive at my organization’s Employee Value Proposition?

Nora leads employer branding at Pintop Ltd, a 10-year old established mobile phone maker with offices worldwide. Her CEO invites Nora for a chat on creating the company’s employee value proposition. Nora isn’t sure how the conversation will go since she doesn’t have any experience with crafting an organization’s value proposition although it does sound like an exciting project. Here is a snapshot of her conversation with Brian, her CEO. Reflect on the case and recommend ways in which Nora can be successful in building her organization’s employee value proposition.

Nora: “Thank you Brian for inviting me to this conversation. Could you please share your expectations?”

Brian: “Happy to do that. Before we begin, let me explain why I think we need an EVP. We have been around for 10 years and our stakeholders don’t ‘get’ what we do and ‘what’ we stand for. It hampers our hiring, the brand and our selling prowess. Business is dull and we need to re-energize our brand”.

Nora: “That’s helpful. If the issue is attracting talent, can’t we just do a marketing blitz? That will be quicker and easier to solve this problem. Put up billboards, be visible at key industry events, create an advertisement and do a sale promotion”.

Brian: “Hmm. That is a good thought. What will we say in our marketing campaign? Why will stakeholders believe us? Will our employees participate? I find our staff quite reactive to what we do and that is a big concern for me”.

Nora: “We are already a well-known player in the marketplace and people see us a brand to emulate. We surely have a lot to share in the marketing campaign. I feel our focus needs to be on gaining customers and helping shareholders benefit”.

Brian: “Well, that is one way of looking at this topic. We need to know what makes our employees feel proud of working here, what motivates them to go the extra mile and more”.

Nora: “That will be different for different employees. How do we get to a common understanding of what works for the organization overall?”

Brian: “You have a point. We probably need to establish what we want to project – a great company, nice products and global offices. That will be surely be attractive!”

Nora: “Well, isn’t that what every organization of our size and scale talks?”

Brian: “Agree. I am now confused. How do we crack this? Suggest you talk to the HR leader and some of our business leaders to get their views. You may get to something, I am hopeful.”

Nora looks unsure. She gathers her papers together and gets up to leave the room while thanking Brian for his time.

How can you guide Nora? Are Brian’s views making sense? What can she do to create the employee value proposition for the organization? Which approaches will work best?

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