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Completed an internal company event? Here are 3 ways to continue the buzz

Maximizing the value of these events means internal communicators must plan effectively and amplify the event’s essence even after your audiences’ attention has shifted to other topics.

So do you go about it?

Think ahead: It has to start even before the event is over! That means, while planning for your event, consider the value of messages you are sharing and which audiences you can engage. For example, in one of my earlier assignments the organization wanted to unveil a unique office building. Even while the construction happened over the years, we planned a time-lapse video for communicating after the launch of the new premises. Capturing the footage took a lot of effort although the impact was worth the wait.  You may want to consider ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage or ‘bloopers’ from footage you have to create something interesting.

Re-purpose content: Align your content with objectives, channels and audiences. It can range from prospective candidates to business partners, from industry bodies to media houses; you may have elements that matter to them. An organization created an event summary on video and made it the highlight of their on-boarding program. The summary included leaders connecting informally with staff and that sent a message of the relaxed culture, even though people perceived the organization to be a very serious workplace. In another firm, the opportunity to celebrate the milestone was extended to alumni inviting them to share their perspectives and recognize people they knew inside the organization.

Make it fun: Event photographs and videos will often include staff participating in activities and being recognized for their work. By sharing it on a platform (that is accessible and easy to use), your staff will be more than delighted to spread the good word with their networks. In one of my earlier stints, we created a competition for sharing the company’s milestone party as it unfolded across markets on the same day – starting with Australia, then Singapore and onward to India, Europe and ending with the United States – all locations where we had offices. The excitement of displaying the diverse approaches to celebrating the milestone made for great content and coverage.

There are many ways to make event communication come alive. While keeping your post-event communication interesting, do remember to archive your event for posterity. Nothing like going back in time and reflecting on a great event!

Have other hacks for getting company events top of mind after it is all done? Do share them here.

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