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5 Ways to Effectively Close the Loop with Your Stakeholders

Completed a campaign and moving on to the next? Did you take the time to seek feedback and share a campaign summary? If yes, you have just added more points to your credibility quotient.

Closing the loop with stakeholders and actively seeking feedback can help you learn from initiatives, appreciate how they perceived your work and become more efficient while planning next time around. However, doing this consistently and in a format that works for the team and stakeholders can further enhance your internal reputation.

Here are a few pointers to improve your closure communication and gain valuable insights to raise your team’s performance.

1.    Share a summary report: While communicating the summary, compare the goals of the campaign vs the outcomes and impact made. Your summary report can cover insights and metrics alongside benchmark evidence – which means engagement rates and how it compares with earlier campaigns or industry standards

2.    Seek feedback consistently: Make it a point to gather real-time feedback during and post campaign. Share anecdotal evidence of experiences that employees references and you gained from running the campaign

3.    Ask unbiased questions: Consider a Net Promoter Score that measures the degree of support and experiences stakeholders have about the team and the work done. Avoid leading questions that direct stakeholders to give responses that align to what we want them to say

4.     Plan ahead: Use these insights for planning future campaigns on value, effectiveness, quality, efficiency among other parameters you may want to consider. Knowing what you are tracking towards allows you to drive higher levels of engagement in the future.

5.    Document lessons learnt: Nothing can give your stakeholder more confidence than knowing you have understood gaps and opportunities from the campaign you ran. Also, when you share what worked and what can be improved, you are also putting your skin in the game.

Giving your stakeholders a sense of closure also improves their appreciation of the effort your team or you put in. It also leads to greater trust and credibility, key ingredients for collaboration and performance.

How do you go about closing the loop with stakeholders? Share it here.

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