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Be Aware of Credibility Degraders. Know What ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ Looks Like

In a world where everyone has a point of view, especially on other people’s work and actions, you need to be watchful about the quality and outcomes people expect from you. Therefore, sending work that falls short of the best, can result in you hurting your credibility. Having the ability to calibrate and re-set expectations when needed can help you be surer about your work.

1.      Sending in incomplete work: It is a no-brainer that we expect the best from others at work – so do your stakeholders. Nothing can be more vexing for the stakeholder to get half-baked work or having to re-brief someone else to do what was expected of you. When you can differentiate between what is ‘good’ work and what is truly ‘great’ work, will you gain more respect.

2. Not sharing the risks of ‘draft’ work: While creating work, there will be iterations and that is fine. However, when stakeholders are not aware that they are ‘work in progress’ it can lead to wrong expectations getting set. State it upfront, if you need to, that what they are viewing is either a ‘part’ of the overall picture or that this just a ‘rough’ sketch.

3. Not involving stakeholders early: Keeping stakeholders in the loop is always a good practice. However, keeping them informed early enough can save you a lot of re-work and heartburn. To be able to get feedback on your work and know if you are heading in the right direction, it helps to seek inputs early. Plug that into your schedule and it will reduce your effort and importantly, time lost.

  1. Not knowing the benchmark: In any workplace or any assignment you do there may have been a precedent or a predecessor. Getting a sense of what worked well or what didn’t as well as knowing who set the standards can give you some latitude to improve or revisit the approach. Talk to leaders and stakeholders so that you have a good understanding of what they perceive the role or work to deliver.
  2. Not having a sounding board: It is important to have people around you who can give you brutal yet honest feedback about how you are faring and the gaps you have. It can be tough to digest some or most of that feedback – although it will do a world of good in the long run allowing you stay on course with your work and life. It is always good to bounce off ideas – but do keep an open mind.

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