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Be Wary of Credibility Degraders. Avoid Mindless Interactions

It seems like the world is working harder than before although the results aren’t there to show in terms of productivity. Time wastage in organizations has reached epidemic proportions with a sizable percentage of people claiming to have wasted over half their day on non-work tasks such as speaking on the phone, gossiping and browsing the net. Not just that, only about 9% of executives believe they are satisfied with how they spent their time at work. This can come in the way of career progression and the individual’s overall experience in an organization. Here are a few pointers to stay clear of mindless credibility degraders.

  1. Taking resources for granted: Every organization provides opportunities for employees to participate and contribute. How many take those chances? Look at your data for people who have signed up for learning courses. Or, those who have shown up to leadership briefings. How many attend calls or webinars about the business results and outcomes? The choices are available – taking the opportunities to learn and do good or wasting time and funds. Sooner or later, it will catch up.
  2. Not doing enough with your experiences: You are expected to give back to the workplace. There are tons of ways you can do that, even if you claim your work is mundane and repetitive. For example, anything stopping you from sharing one great practice you read or witnessed in your next team meeting? Anything preventing you from pitching in with insights that will improve the state of the business? What comes in the way of taking additional classes for those from less fortunate families and who want to go further in life? Or, take ownership of a community program that touches the lives of many? You can do all this and more if you avoid mindless engagements at the workplace. There is enough time for such positive actions.
  3. Taking credit for someone else’s work: Don’t cover your inadequacies by hiding behind others. By pretending that you know how to do and what to, when you aren’t sure – can come back to haunt you. Invest in overcoming your gaps or people will find out very quickly. Rather than build a house on sand that will collapse when high time comes, it is better to develop yourself instead of riding on other peoples’ backs for the short terms. Never take credit for someone else’s effort – however minuscule it may sound. Be it a draft or a plan or a project or an assignment. Give credit where it is due and you will be respected more.
  4. Joining the rumor mills: This can easily be the worst crime you can commit at the workplace – joining those who backbite and spread negativity among people. Either they were bad hires or they do not have enough to do. Even if they are great or fast with their work and therefore have time – they need to be using it more productively. You can’t stand in a group gossiping and expect not to be associated with them. Rather than have a poor grade on your personality, visit the library or go online and read something worthwhile. That will take you further than a bunch of losers feeling miserable about others who are doing better than them!
  5. Not contributing wholly to initiatives: Everyone is expected to do more than just their day job. If you are overworked, then it is another issue – you probably need to revisit how you are working or if the work is suitable for one person or not. But, when you are called to participate in a program, give it your best. Avoid mindlessly joining an initiative where you don’t have much to contribute yet you want to ‘show’ that you are part of one. You are watched closely by your peers, leaders and managers. Nothing goes unnoticed for long.


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