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Get Spotted for Your Communication Talent. Take The Intraskope Guest Student Blogger Challenge

Interested in gaining hands-on experience content with writing and curation? Want to get spotted as a budding communication talent? Inviting media, journalism and communication students from across the globe to be an #IntraskopeBlogger. With the pandemic creating uncertainty around us, this is one of the ways I am offering students a platform to be your best self.

Here is an exciting opportunity to engage with leading local and global communication professionals, academicians and experts and build your portfolio of compelling stories that sets you apart from the rest.

Help curate and publish original internal communication blogs, case studies, interviews and research insights to grow the understanding of this evolving domain.

  • Be visible on a global resource in internal communication
  • Learn more about the fastest growing function in corporate communication
  • Connect with leading professionals in communications
  • Get featured for your communication skills
  • Help shape the thinking of internal communication

How it works

  1. Share an essay or a blog or a video or a poster or any other format of your choice on ‘making a world a better place through effective communications’. There is no word limit. Send the content along with a short bio and photo to [email protected]
  2. Pass the Challenge to another student (not from your institute) to continue the thread of the topic. To be eligible, you will need to name the student and the institute. Provide the Linkedin URL of the student and the Linkedin/Twitter handles of the institution. 
  3. Those students (or those currently interning) can participate. You get the chance to curate content for the platform and get bylines.

About Intraskope

Intraskope ( is the first blog on internal communications in India and among the earliest around the globe. Begun in 2006, the blog hosts over 1000 posts on topics such as employee engagement, leadership communication and employee branding and receives thousands of visits from across the world. The blog, receives over 1,50,000 visits every month from over 50 countries globally, offers learning resources for practitioners, academicians, and students including industry workshops, research reports, and checklists. Intraskope has been featured on leading global internal communication forums like Simply-CommunicateIC Kollectif and International Association of Business Communicators. It is hosted by Aniisu K Verghese, author of Internal Communications – Insights, Practices & Models (Sage, 2012).

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