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Blog: Institute for Public Relations | Internal Communication Influence Intrapreneurship In Organizations

In my blog for the Institute for Public Relations, I share research-led insights for communicators and leaders to embed an ‘intrapreneurial’ culture within organizations. Read the complete post here:

Key highlights:

  • The world of work is evolving rapidly. We need to consider trends like the ‘gig’ economy, democratization of information and the need for tapping individual talent.
  • Employee engagement levels are stagnant and identifying truly engaged employees is a struggle.
  • Intrapreneurial employees are considered more committed to the workplace.
  • Creating an environment where employees can bring their ideas to life within the workplace is what matters.
  • The role of open and authentic communication is critical for nurturing such an environment.
  • Giving employees the autonomy to thrive builds trust and encourages them to go beyond their prescribed roles.
  • Involving employees as equal partners is fundamental to an intrapreneurial workplace.

You can read other such blog posts at Intraskope ( and on my website ( If you are an internal communication leader and are keen to participate in Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series do drop me a mail to [email protected]

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