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Where Do I Start With Internal Communications?

Yeshwant is in his second month at Tropify, a multinational gaming app firm with about 2000 employees where he has been hired to lead the internal communication function. After spending 10 years with Alert Pharma, a leading company in South India he eagerly looked forward to making an impact. He is however finding the going tough and to some extent – confusing. Yeshwant reaches out to Pragya, his friend working as a communication professional in an oil and gas major for advice. Reflect on this case and share your perspectives about how Yeshwant can get control of his situation. Read on to know more.

Yeshwant: “Hello Pragya, fantastic to see you after so many months! Glad you found the time off your busy schedule to meet me.”

Pragya: “I am very happy as well. Tell me – how can I be of help. Is everything ok?”

Yeshwant: “Well, I can’t say everything is well. I wish they went the way I expected”.

Pragya: “What is the concern? I thought this was a job you were wanting.”

Yeshwant: “It is. When I was hired they clearly told me that I would be working closely with the CEO and his team. After I joined, they told me that since the ‘needs’ of the local market are different and culturally we are different from the HQ, the internal communication support also needs to be different”.

Pragya: “So, what does that mean?”

Yeshwant: “It meant that everyone from the business and HR kept bombarding me with requests for internal communication help. I didn’t know which one to pick and which to drop. I am running ragged due to this and it is affecting my performance.”

Pragya: “Oh, that’s serious. Haven’t you discussed this with your CEO?”

Yeshwant: “I have broached the topic – he is unable to get involved since it doesn’t make sense at his level to direct teams about their needs. For my part, I can’t make sense of what needs to be done considering internal communication as such is a new domain. I have barely done it in my earlier roles. In this role, internal communication is priority for the business.”

Pragya: “So, how does it help? What do plan to do?”

Yeshwant: “I am at my wit’s end. I am unsure of what is within scope and what needs to be ignored. I was told that I would do strategic communication. They tell me that I am in India and it isn’t only strategic – it needs to be tactical as well! The amount of HR communication is mindboggling and I don’t even have a team to help me”.

Pragya: “This is an unfortunate situation to be in. Honestly, I haven’t heard of such expectations in my roles. Do you want to call for a meeting with your stakeholders?”

Yeshwant looked pensive and shook his head. Pragya knew this wasn’t going to be easy to get stakeholders aligned. It looked like a tough job ahead for Yeshwant.

Yeshwant thanked Pragya for her time and walked back to his desk thinking about his options.

What can Yeshwant do? How can be wrest back control of his role? I am interested to know how you can help Yeshwant. Do you face such situations in your role? If yes, do share them here.

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