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Audit And Make Your Linkedin Profile Work Harder For You

Linkedin is the world’s largest professional networking site and having a consistent profile on it is critical to your success as a personal and professional brand. Your profile is your CV to the world. With over 467 million members the reach and value of creating and marketing your profile on Linkedin are immense.

However, members possibly struggle to keep pace with what is expected to network online. They may potentially lag when it comes to updating their profiles, tapping existing tools that Linkedin offers such as Pulse and Slideshare and highlighting their expertise and personalities in an authentic manner. Taking your eye off your profile can impact your credibility and result in missed opportunities as a professional. It isn’t about the number of followers you have on Linkedin but the quality of engagement you do with them. They need to experience how you are adding value to their lives – and more.

How can you, therefore, audit your profile?

·        Start with the basics: Update your profile with a good, clear photograph and a summary that succinctly explains who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer. If you are employed with an organization remember that adding your company name will link you with others in the network. Likewise, add details on your Experience, Education, and Volunteer experience.

·        Showcase your authentic self: Use the background banner to amplify your profile. Include photos from events you have participated in. Add imagery that reflects your personality and your interests. Add your skills & highlight endorsements you receive. Share and comment on posts only if you have a point of view and believe strongly in the content.

·        Measure your ‘net-worth’: Check how your profile is presented when monitored on online reputation sites like See if it reflects the effort you are investing in your social activities. It doesn’t mean you create more channels to increase your presence. Rather you must focus on the few you have and continue investing more effort into improving the content and presentation.

What can make your profile work harder for you?

·        Build an All-Star page: Linkedin uses a scale to gauge the maturity of your profile – from Beginner to All-Star. Your profile surfaces on Google searches and while Linkedin isn’t the only channel that you can be on, it is definitely the right place to be. So, make it count. Add keywords that relate to your work or interests.

·        Market your profile: Add the link that you share online, add it to your presentations on Slideshare and include it in your Pulse articles. Think of ways to cross-promote it with other Linkedin members.  Join Groups on Linkedin that are associated with your interest areas. Keeping your profile updated regularly can help you build your credibility over time. Take professional help to write up your Linkedin profile and build a page that reflects your personality and journey.

·        Be a brand advocate:  Each of us has a unique story to tell. Share what matters to your audiences and how you can draw a connection. If you are self-employed or working for an organization you have more reach than most brands do through your network. So continue to contribute updates that present your own self or your organization in an authentic way. You can be a strong influencer when you have built credibility through your profile.

What are other pointers that can help you?

–         Joining a group just to be with a ‘peer-community’ isn’t going to help. Use your time on Linkedin effectively. Work with your goals in mind.  Join a community only if you have something to offer or learn from the conversations.

–         Considering the amount of fake news that is going around you need to be watchful about your actions. Verify news before you forward on or it can impact your credibility.

–         Add context to the sharing you do on posts. People are interested in knowing your point of view and not that you have access to news. The news is easily available but what isn’t available is great context.

–         Look up other Linkedin profiles and observe how those members present their best selves and contributions to the world around them. Follow those who use their skills and expertise to bring a positive difference with others.

Hope these tips were useful. Need help with auditing and recommending improvements to your profile? Contact me today.

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