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Disengage From Credibility Degraders. Flip Your Perspective

Your attitude matters – at the workplace and outside. The sooner you identify what pulls you back it can help you stay focused on your life and beyond. Here are a few perspectives to avoid getting stuck in the rut and find more meaning in your engagement with people and within yourself.

  • Not adapting to situations: Life isn’t easy and most often not fair. When we are guided by the misconception that situations will always turn out to be rosy we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. Look around your workplace and you will notice that it isn’t what it used to be – probably the people you worked with are gone, the environment is different, the ways of working has changed, the leadership team is new, the policies have evolved and much more. When you accept that adapting to situations is what differentiates the best from the rest you will be at peace.
  • It is always about you: We can always find fault with the environment, the team, the stakeholders, the weather, relationships and what have you. But in the end, what finally matters is that you need to change and not expect others to.  Yes, you can nudge people along your line of thinking although there is no guarantee it will happen all the time. Think about how you react to change, ask for feedback and consider what you can do to face into changes better the next time around.


  • Gaming the system: You are watched at the workplace in every action you take or don’t take. For example, you may have been provided feedback to change. You are watched in terms of what you did with the feedback and the commitment you are making to get better. So if you try to game the system you can get catch out, sooner than later. Impression management can work to some extent but not all the time. Be genuine about your intentions and it will help you feel good and do well.
  • Taking sides: You never know when and which way the winds of change blow at the workplace. People are people, their likes and dislikes change often. Staying neutral and away from office gossip can help you avoid getting caught in the crossfire when stuff goes wrong. Keep your relationships professional and direct. Focus on what you need to deliver at work and consistently and hopefully you can stay clear of unnecessary relationship muddles that can unhinge your career.
  • Managing yourself: Before you can manage others take stock of your life. How you manage your life beyond the workplace impacts dynamics at the office as well. Sort out issues that are becoming a barrier and that allows you to be ‘in the flow’ at work. Take help if needed. There will always be work but how you look at it will matter for you to be seen as a reliable employee.

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