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What Does The Future Hold For Internal Communication? Look Up These Predictions

I recently shared 5 trends that will shape internal communication in 2015 and beyond. My predictions for 2015 are:

The internal communication function will operate as a ‘start-up’. That will mean working with less, managing ambiguity, constantly evaluating trends, staying ‘boundaryless’, operating with limited budgets and taking calculated risks. It will also expect the internal communicator to revisit skills and capabilities they currently have.

Employee brand will take centre stage as the employer brand will become less important and limiting. Marketing concepts will continue to blend into internal communication practices. The employee will play a larger role in how internal communication is created, structured, curated and measured while the internal communicator will take the lead in building brand ambassadors from within.

As more and more organizations leverage the power of enterprise social networks there will be a rise in social media education and risk mitigation initiatives for employees.

There will be an increased expectation from stakeholders for ‘Return on Communication’ effort and management time. The internal communicator will also be expected to champion ‘culture’ and leverage storytelling to differentiate the internal brand.

Note: you can read this and other predictions on Simply Communicate

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