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Participate In The ‘2014 State Of The Communications Function in GICs’ Survey. Get A FREE Report!

Managing corporate communications at a global in-house centre or a shared service? Keen to shape how communications can be improved within GICs? Participate in the ‘2014 State Of The Communications Function in GICs Survey’ and help enhance how communicators and leaders can benefit from this important function.

Link to survey form:

The survey runs till January 15, 2015. Use the hashtag #commsingics to share your thoughts.

About The Survey

This survey is to gauge the current scope, relevance and understanding of the communications function within global in-house centres (GICs). It isn’t restricted to GICs in the Indian subcontinent.

GICs refer to the service and delivery operations units that serve parent companies around the world to standardize processes, systems and programs and in turn save costs, improve efficacies and enhance centralized capabilities.

They are often referred to as ‘captives’ or ‘shared services’. According to NASSCOM, there are over 825 GICs in India offering the entire spectrum of services – IT services, BPM, ER&D, and software products, employ over 530,000 people, and account for 17 per cent of the total export revenues in India. It is estimated that 50% of Fortune 500 firms to have GIC footprint in India by 2015.

What Will It Gauge?

While hiring, engaging and retailing employees are important for GICs very little is understood or researched on the role of communication within these centres. What is the optimum approach to communication in GICs? What do communicators and leaders focus on? What types of communication will have the most impact and how should GICs approach communication to get ahead?

This survey aims to bridge that gap in benchmarking the value and impact associated with communication within GICs and with the parent companies. The output from this study can guide how GICs can invest in communication within their respective entities.

Who Can Participate?

This survey can be taken by corporate communication leaders and leaders of GICs only.

How to Participate?

Mention your official e-mail ID and there will be a mail to confirm your credentials

Only all complete responses will be counted for the survey. Also only eligible respondents with all complete responses will receive a free high level summary of the report from this study.

Have questions? Keen to partner on future studies? E-mail Aniisu at [email protected]

The author has conducted similar surveys on internal communications in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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