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Press coverage in the Pioneer: 'Be a linking tool' Shares Perspectives on a Career in Internal Communications

My opinion article  appeared in the ‘Avenues’ section of The Pioneer (Oct 3, 2012). The article titled ‘Be a linking tool’ explains what is internal communications and how a career in internal communications is not only fulfilling and enriching nowadays apart from being highly sought after.

About the Publication : The Pioneer was founded in Allahabad in 1865 by George Allen, an Englishman who had had great success in the tea business in north-east India in the previous decade. It  is an English language newspaper in India with a circulation figure of 245,000. It is published from multiple locations in India, including Delhi. It is the second oldest English language newspaper in India that is operational. In 2010, The Pioneer launched a Hindi version in Lucknow.

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