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Work-life balance and communicating the message

The recent IDC-DQ Best Employers in IT Survey 2008 provides a few interesting findings which are relevant for internal communicators in India to understand and build into their practice.

Work-life balance ranked among the top 5 reasons for people to switch jobs – this aspect is eye-opening since it shows that the Indian knowledge worker is maturing, employees expect ‘respect’ for their time and life rather than looking at elements like salary and appriasals.

Two parameters which I felt the survey did well to include and essential for building an employer brand – ‘how outsiders consider it a dream company’ and ‘internal employees consider it the most preferred employer’.

What does it mean for internal communicators?

There is a need to include messages which highlight essentials of work-life and the organization’s practices within communication.

Thinking of ways in which messages on the organization are shared with the external world – a grey area since a lot of organizations do not link internal communication with their public relations effort.

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