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Career potential and Web 2.0

At a New Media and Career workshop for students conducted today, I posed the following questions:

Is your resume New Media ready?

Do you know what makes a curriculum vitae tick in the social media space?

Are you sending the right messages for recruiters trawling the web?

Is your career Web 2.0 proof?

Recent shifts in the Web 2.0 world like content co-creation, transparency and individualized information impacts the way job searches and careers are defined. Trends indicate the need to adopt and leverage new media or social media channels for improving accessibility, creating a brand image and enhancing the potential of getting a job. Blogs, podcasting, wikis and social networking are no more mere buzz words but effective tools to get a head start in a complex web world. Recruiters are constantly monitoring the web for potential candidates and an impressive web profile can improve the chances of landing a job.

For a management student, it opens up numerous opportunities to build awareness, cultivate communities, contribute to relevant discussions and improve chances of a long term career growth.

The students were honest about their understanding of new media and realized the implications of leveraging it to its fullest.

By increasing awareness, focusing on career objectives and working towards a new media career strategy.

A CV can be enhanced to make it more web savvy using tools like You Tube, social networking sites, references and links to articles among others.

Today, choosing the right social networking site to be on is critical for image building. My take is to ‘get off Orkut if you want to be taken seriously!’.

On the web, collaboration is a sure way to improve your chances of better opportunities. Be useful and relevant to others; maintain decorum while communicating online, help others get successful and it adds up in the long run.

Be credible online. Do not post information which is ambiguous or not verified.  Know yourself and be yourself.

Test your strategy with your peers and stakeholders before you go public. Get feedback on how it matches with your objectives.

Finally, market your profile through social networking sites which align to your image, alumni networks and collaboration tools among others. Do not miss an opportunity to talk about it offline either!

Remember, it takes time to shape a new media strategy; be willing to experiment and be patient.

For an evaluation of your resume and ideas for creating a successful career new media strategy, mail me at [email protected]





5 thoughts on “Career potential and Web 2.0

  1. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a guest lecture by Mr. Aniisu K Verghese on Internal communications and web 2.0. The lecture was very knowledgeable and interesting. It enhanced our knowledge on the importance of communications for any organisation as well as it made us aware of web 2.0.

  2. Hi Anish,

    I have got a very good insight about Internal communication through your blogs.

    However, I would like you to suggest me about the career growth of an individual in corporate communications.

    I come from a PR backgroud and right now looking at stepping into the corp comm world. How do you recommend the shift as? (I mean from PR to Corporate communication -Internal.)

    I had always believed that a break from PR to Corp Comm is only desirable growth in one’s career graph.
    would you like to re-iterate my statement?

    Looking for your thoughtful advice.


  3. Thanks Rajeshwari for visiting and posting your comment.

    Your question is quite typical of what I have observed with people in the industry and those keen to move into maintream corporate communication. Most of my peers are from PR, direct marketing, journalism, online media, advertising among other domains.

    I think it is important to step back at this stage and evaluate what you plan to do and where you want to go.

    Simple questions to think about are –

    1. Do I have sufficient knowledge of what corporate communication or internal communication is supposed to do?

    2. Do I know the latest trends and expectations in India and abroad?

    3. Can I shadow someone who has experience to gain some perspective?

    4. Is it possible to know how my career will shape up?

    5. Does it make sense to specialize or spread my skills thin?

    Answers to these questions can possibly get you to the next level of evaulating options.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi ! The session on internal communication and web 2.0 by Mr. Aniisergheseu K verghese was informative and valuable in terms of career growth oppurtunities for a management students like me.

    I will recommend everyone to study about this powerful tool from Mr. Aniisu.


  5. Hi
    Came to know abt ur blog yesterday thru TRAINERS FORUM.
    The articles are GREAT!
    Can we hav latest update on web2.0

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