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Employee engagement – actions speak louder

I read an interesting article in an expat magazine for India on Employee Engagement. Marshall Goldsmith, voted as one of the top 50 most influential living thinkers by London Times, talks about what engagement means to the employee and to the organization.


He mentions that companies should understand the real cause for success or failure is always the people not the words in the values or mission statements. Leaders need to act on feedback since actions speak louder than words and mean much more to employees


He cites an interesting example of Johnson & Johnson which had an old fashioned mission statement but still meant a lot when translated into action and followed religiously by leaders.

One thought on “Employee engagement – actions speak louder

  1. Dear Aniisu,

    I am working as a lecturer in the field of communication and HR in a technical Institute at NOIDA.

    I am planning to do PHd with a topic related to Employee Engagement.

    Where can i have access to more material on the issue.

    Basically i would like to be come more knowledgeable about what all work is being done in India on Employee Engagement, may be some information about major companies that are implementing it in the real earnest.

    Are there any working papers available on the subject.

    This information will help in deciding what exactly is that I can select as my area of focus for the PHd.

    With warm regards

    Rakesh Bhatt

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