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Here are some of our key recommendations from the New Media and Corporate Communications workshop on May 12, 2007 at Bangalore, India. We (Peter and I) call it the Triple A strategy to kick-start new media initiatives. 

Absorb: Understand the media

Adapt: Build into existing practices

Apply: Make a beginning


n      Search Technorati and other leading authorities on new media direction for subjects and mentions of your organization

n      Create and share the internal strategy with stakeholders

n      Identify the appropriate channels

n      Institute policies for electronic media usage ( this can started as a Wiki to get buy-in)

n      Replace e-mail with an internal blog and get the conversation started

n      Engage communities of practice on the intranet and offline

n      Wiki your intranet pages as a test case. Make employees accountable for content.

n      Conduct new media appreciation sessions

n      Have measurement mechanisms like rate a page, popular pages etc to weed out bad content

n      Highlight new media champions within the organization


Some closing words…..


n      Don’t be afraid to experiment

n      Be flexible

n      Get feedback from users

n      Don’t get frustrated

n      Start small, make a beginning

                        So go ahead…….Absorb – Adapt – Apply 

Presentations from the workshop are included in this post.

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