Internal Communication

Reality TV now at your workspace!

The influence of reality shows on Indian and international television is visible in many forms of internal communication elements practices in this part of the world. I have come across numerous programs which borrow ideas from Indian Idol (a take on American Idol), the NDTV Big Fight, Zee Antakshari, Pogo’s ‘Just for Gags’ shows among others. Today, All Company Meets include a bit of these elements to keep audiences engaged and engrossed. Gone were the days when boring presentations were dished out on business updates and senior leadership handed out awards. Employee panels, mime shows, candid cameras are all part of the efforts to keep employees on the same page. I can foresee a day when cameras get ‘embedded’ in the CEO’s cabin to provide associates a ‘live’ experience! Or am I just taking it to extremes? Share your views.

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