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Get me a catchy name!Now!

Are we overdoing internal branding? Over the last few months, I would have launched close to 5 employee programs with their unique names and logos! While we advise branding as a necessary evil, at some point I completely vouch for Accenture’s internal naming philosophy. No name is bigger or larger than the Accenture brand and therefore any new logo or name needs the blessings of the global brand team and naming experts. Such is the consistency that the names end up sounding boring and long-winding. But, what the heck, why lose out on your brand essence for a fancy name which may get lost in the clutter out there.

So as I end with another mail in my inbox asking for support in coining a new name for the e-library which the organization plans to launch shortly, I keep wishing it could be called simply e-Library Services instead of Alexandria or Thought Bubble!

3 thoughts on “Get me a catchy name!Now!

  1. I feel for you! But as the custodian of the company brand, you really shouldn’t allow this proliferation of logos and brands for internal programs. Companies don’t have the luxury of spending enough to promote and protect their corporate brand, let alone spend time and resources on a plethora of sub-brands that soon become totally unrelated to the products or services they are supposed to sell.

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