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I am finally RSS enabled!



Despite the rage of new media ( and me propagating it in my MBA classes!), it took me over 6 months to download my RSS reader. Unsure if it was inertia. I attempted downloading a reader sometime ago but the details for registering were a put-off. I never really got around to completing it.


Just yesterday, while browsing the intranet, I chanced upon another RSS reader which just asked me to download without a fuss. It got stuck because of a Java runtime error. Had to get the technical support staff to run a patch. Goodness. Does it work? Yes, it does now..and I am getting my regular feeds.


How do the others go about a) getting hold of an RSS reader and b) then routing content through it?


I would think these devices need to be easier-to-use for faster usage and penetration. Though, I can agree with the benefits of using the reader, am unsure of how many would take the trouble to download the device and start using it in


One thought on “I am finally RSS enabled!

  1. I empathise!

    I use Google Reader through Firefox 2.0. When I am on a page that provides its content through RSS, I click on the orange icon in the URL address field. This then allows me to select my RSS aggregator (Google Reader) and then it is added.

    Like all Google products Reader has a simple and slick interface for pulling feeds into one place. No major installation or setup required. Just a Google account.

    Only drawback is that you need to be online.

    Hope this helps. Cheers,


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