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Marrying media, message and the ‘moment’


The findings of the 2006 Macro trends in Internal Communications (Stromberg Consulting) are eye-opening. It provides insight into areas which are shaping the future for this critical domain. The use of newer technological tools, the simplification and personalization of information and the growing pressure to show ROI for communication are the sign of the times. Not to discount the engagement model being adopted by most organizations to address the retention and attrition issues.


While the media vehicles and messages are often discussed, rarely do professionals account for the ‘moment’. Does a campaign need to be pulsed or flighted? Is there an opportune moment to launch a program? Can it be piggy-backed on another one?



2 thoughts on “Marrying media, message and the ‘moment’

  1. I work at Stromberg Consulting and was trying to get a perspective on internal comms in India – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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