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How relevant is internal communications? Download and read FREE ebook to know more!

Humbled to be included in the interview ebook, Why Internal Communications Mattersby BonFyre. In this e-book, you can read insights from 18 internal communications experts from six different countries covering a range of topics such as trends, impact and challenges facing the world of work. I had the opportunity to share my views on employee experience, how […]

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4 communication strategies to consider when expanding your Global Capability Center network

Pleased to share that my article on communication strategies for integrating new global capability centers is live on the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network website. Do drop by and read the complete piece:

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5 Traps that Internal Communicators Must Avoid

While driving business outcomes and improving organizational performance through the delivery of an effective internal communications strategy there are instances when the employee communicator is asked seemingly innocuous questions and requests. Unless tackled head-on and tactfully, these requests can derail the team from doing what is right for the business. For starters, here are a […]

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5 tips to make your employee crowdsourcing campaign a success

Involving staff for user-generated campaigns and putting them at the heart of your business communication are initiatives every organization would love to implement. Crowdsourcing can reduce your time to market, solve key business problems, improve brand image, gather valuable ideas from within to improve your products and services, generate revenue or drive engagement. It isn’t […]

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Inclusion is a leadership prerogative; not a random act of kindness

In my earlier post, I shared a scenario of an organization attempting to get started on inclusion and diversity. Received some insightful comments from readers on what they perceived the issues on hand. Also, appropriate actions that could help James (the CEO) introduce practices related to diversity & inclusion at his organization. While many organizations today […]

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Guest Blog & Interview | Arathi Biradar | Why Internal Communications is Fundamental to Organizational Reputation

The 30th edition of Intraskope’s Spotlight on Internal Communication Series features Arathi Biradar of Itelligence India Software Solutions. Arathi builds a case for aligning staff to drive corporate reputation. She believes strongly that internal communication is a key influencer in improving brand image. Arathi leads the marketing and communications for Itelligence India. She has 14+ years […]