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Guest Blog & Interview | Sushma Joshi | How Internal Communicators Can Shift the Dial from Order Takers to Strategic Partners

Can internal communication get the respect it deserves? Is it possible for communicators to take a strategic view of the impact they do? How can the function rise above the continual asks for support to create a distinctive identity for the business? These and other pertinent questions are covered in a thought-provoking blog post by […]

Internal Communication

How Do You Experience Change? Take This Survey & Get Insights To Use At Work

What role does employee communication have on change you experience at the workplace? Please take a few minutes to participate in this online survey on change management that I am conducting in India in partnership with the University of Florida, United States. Findings from this study can be shared with interested respondents, on request. […]

Internal Communication

Introducing Ask Aniisu – get your questions answered!

Are you – a media or communication student keen to begin a career in internal communication? – a communication professional interested in learning more about the growing function? – a researcher wanting to explore the opportunities in this evolving domain? – a leader curious to harness the potential of internal communication for organizational success? If […]