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Make CSR Communication Shine. Contribute To This Series and Give Back In Ways That Matter

Inviting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leaders to join Intraskope’s CSR Communication Shout-Out where we explore the exciting world of employee engagement, employee involvement and social impact through the lens of impactful and inspiring campaigns. It is known that organizations that pursue an inside-out approach to CSR communication gain commitment from employees and are perceived to be a more socially conscious employer.

If you are a CSR or sustainability leader in your respective organization your views on these evolving trends will add immense value to the development of the function around the world.

By participating you can:

  • Help raise the level of understanding of CSR communication
  • Bring out the best in other CSR practitioners and students aspiring to make a mark in this developing field
  • Contribute to best practices and support peers and leaders get superior with CSR communication

All you need to do is answer these simple questions in detail and share either a guest blog, a case study, a research insight to that will be carried on my blog – Intraskope (

  1. How important is CSR communications for your organization and why?
  2. What trends do you observe with CSR and related to communicating with internal stakeholders?
  3. Share how CSR communications is practiced at your organization – who leads it, how is it organized and what are the principles you follow?
  4. Describe a campaign you are proud of, that resulted in business outcomes or impacted social goals?
  5. What advice do you have for CSR practitioners and for those aspiring to join this evolving domain?
  6. How can organizations get better with CSR communication?

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