Employee Engagement internal communication trends from India

Hopes and predictions on internal communications in 2018

I recently had the opportunity to join 27 internal communication professionals from around the globe to share my views on the future of the function in 2018.

“In 2018, my hopes and aspirations are that there will be greater investment in terms of tools and resources to help the function be more relevant and gain greater insights about the how employees think, feel and act. Secondly, there is more focus on developing interest among the best and brightest professionals to join and strengthen this function. I can speak from my side of the world. Even today, after so many years (I have been directly associated with internal communication since 2003) there are very few educational institutes in the region that invest in building professionals in this domain. Likewise, there is limited collaboration among academia and the industry to blend practice with insights basis solid research on internal communication. Lastly, my aspirations are to collaborate with leading global communication professionals and research institutes to solve some of the biggest challenges at the workplace and increase cross-fertilization of ideas amongst internal communicators through my blog, workshops and speaking engagements.

Here is the link to the complete set of perspectives: https://handhcomms.co.uk/blogs/27-internal-comms-professionals-reveal-hopes-predictions-industry-2018

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