4 thoughts on “Am I in a Stage Show? What Do I Need To Be More Visible at Work?

  1. I may not be the best person to comment but below are a few things I think can help Ken:
    1. Take active part in team meetings and discussion. Especially when brainstorming any new idea or strategy.
    2. Suggest new ideas for process improvement, team improvement. Ideas to make the team or peers excel at work.
    3. Take up a course internally for skill improvement
    4. Participate in office or team events
    5. Take complete ownership of tasks assigned and work independently and prove yourself. Not necessarily as successful in all tasks but atleast showing that you are a risk taker.

    1. Excellent thoughts Priyanka! Firstly, I must appreciate your initiative to read and post a comment. It isn’t easy to do that – it takes a lot (to be more brave, passionate and committed) to make a difference to other readers by sharing your views publicly. Liked your thoughts about what Ken can do to be more proactive, available, demonstrative of his intent and shape the world around him at work. Well done. Look forward to more perspectives from you.

  2. From what I read, Ken is more rattled by the lack of clarity given by his manager on what he really needs to do when he says that Ken “needs to be more visible”. Despite his asking for more elaboration he’s not getting any closer to what his manager wants exactly from him. What Ken can do is
    1. Observe what his colleagues do during a typical day at work.
    2. Observe what those employees do who are getting raises and promotions.
    3. What he finds may not be what he likes. e.g. he may not like to be a party animal or a hanger on just for the sake of being in the manager’s vision. After all, he seems to be a person who values what he does with his time.
    4. Apart from what Priyanka has suggested, one more thing he can do is talk to his coworkers to get an idea of how he is perceived in the office. Maybe he comes across as an individual contributor who doesn’t gel well with the rest of the team, or he comes across as stand-offish. He might get clues to small changes in his personal and work-related demeanour that might help his contributions stand out without him having to sell his soul.
    5. If none of this works, maybe he’s not the right fit for this setup.

    1. Loved those views Rajani! Makes sense to get a 360 degree understanding of perceptions that may be coming in the way of being your best. The little things matter. Agree completely. Thanks for sharing!

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