2 thoughts on “Guest Interview | Debasis Ray – Tata Trusts | Why Internal Communicators Must Be Organizational Chroniclers

  1. Thank you for the insights Debasis. Do you have any recommendations on how we can get employees to contribute content and blog posts? This is a challenge that I face regularly, especially with the techies.

    1. Yes, this indeed is a challenge. Perhaps, this arises from a sense of diffidence in all of us from what to post on.
      I have noticed that when editors allow a wide degree of freedom, contributions begin to come in ones and twos. Finally, common interest areas begin to get formed.
      For example, in a previous organisation, when we began an intranet we had a corner, where colleagues could contribute on any topic – from personal interest areas to work related topics. And, we indeed began to see colleagues contributing with even creative writing. During the five years I was there, I recall only one instance when a post had to be declined.
      So, if you are not already doing so, why not open it up to any type of contribution – including videos and photographs – than specifically seeking certain type of content in pre-decided formats?
      Perhaps, it will lead to greater regularity.

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