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How To Energize and Engage Your Corporate Social Responsibility Team

Looking for a simple plan to keep your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team excited and moving forward?

Often CSR teams in organization have passionate employees who come together to make a difference to the communities around them. While they are committed and keen to do their best it can be a challenge for the CSR leader and the organization to sustain provide suitable direction, sustain interest and get them to work together.


By investing in their growth, motivating the group and aligning the volunteers on the purpose you have a greater chance of improving your CSR impact, gaining commitment, steering the team to scale greater heights and making the team high performers.

Look up these slides for a map and calendar that you can leverage while charting out your plans.

The assumption is that organizations may have a dedicated CSR leader (and a core team with an extended group of volunteers) to achieve its goals.

The map looks at opportunities both within the organization and outside to engage the group. That apart, it considers the channels and resources needed to celebrate and recognize great work.

Download and use these templates now.

Let me know it goes – happy to receive your feedback.

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