2 thoughts on “What Can Internal Communicators Learn From An Electoral Process?

  1. Very well analysis done about the internal communication of the electrol process. To add to your article one most important way to increase the internal communication with people is SMS’s and one to one talk with the people by the supporters of the party. These two factors have played a very important role in changing the political scenario of Delhi in December ’13 when Aam Admi Party (AAP) replaced the Congress government and secondly when BJP has come in power in this Loksabha Election. The contributions of AAP cannot be condemned in bringing more awareness in politics in each house in Delhi and also contributing people’s role in the development of the country. BJP has fiercely used its various communication channels as mentioned in your arcticle to make it BIG in the loksabha elections. Word of mouth is the best internal communication tool which I consider can make a remarkable difference.

    1. Thank you Laxmi for sharing your views. Very relevant and agree that the type of channels/tools used do make a large impact. The point on word of mouth is excellent. it is such an important element and probably the least leveraged.

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