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How to Run a Successful Internal Corporate Social Responsibility Program

I recently wrote an article (published on Simply Communicate) on tips to run a successful internal corporate social responsibility program.  Look up the highlights below.

Set context early: Establish the purpose, goals and outcomes expected before the campaign kicks off. Allow participants to clarify expectations.

Involve staff in the planning phase: Converge a core team, brainstorm on suitable approaches. Integrate local office needs and factor challenges on the ground.

Provide autonomy: Allow local teams to establish their own rhythm of running the campaign within the ambit of the overall theme. Empower managers to rope in enthusiastic people from their teams to champion the cause.

Appeal to emotion: Instead of ‘support the campaign by contributing funds’ share, ‘how Lakshmi got through school due to the funds we contributed’. Provide opportunities for staff to engage with NGOs they support.

Get leadership to participate actively: Have leaders spearhead elements of the campaign and lead by example.

Make life simpler for campaigners: Provide easy-to-use templates, reduce time to market for campaigners and create simple tools to gauge impact and progress of the campaign.

Highlight success stories: Recognize creative ideas and people who make a difference to the campaign. Share best practices and refer them to the core team.

Report out periodically: Consistent and periodic communication to stakeholders on the progress and milestones covered helps keep everyone on the same page and looking forward to the campaign’s outcomes.

Engage in healthy competition: Allow for teams to compete in garnering funds. It helps to give the campaign the attention it deserves.


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