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Can You Determine The Total Value of Your Internal Communications Effort?

Infosys has estimated its total value of human resources, which includes both software professionals and support at INR 1,02,133 crore for the fiscal ended March 2009. That works out to INR 97 lakhs per employee!

According to the report, the value of human resources is evaluated and based on the “present value of future earnings of employees” and few other factors.

Interesting way to build in a tangible number to the people brand.


While may laud it as a HR strategy to improve morale and others think of it as a marketing coup to build equity, the argument is that the model does not consider important elements such as productivity, training costs, employee service and attrition rates. 

I have another element to add – the communication costs and value. 

If organizations are founded on the pillars of communication, can you arrive at an ROI for the communication that you aim at your employees?

I believe you can.

Even if you discount the sunk cost of internal communication channels, you need to factor in the hours spent per communication conceptualization, design, review, approval, publishing and feedback.  Add business impact of the communication, reach and maturity of the communication over time and you have something most organizations may have missed.

Let us take an example. If you were called to drive a change management communication that reaches out to your entire organization, your first step will be a plan which articulates the goals, the communication elements, estimate cost, measures and value it adds. Measures can be in the form of ‘message percolation’, ‘understanding’, ‘propensity to change’ and ‘people converted’.

Armed with a tangible method of deriving communication ROI, internal communicators will be more confident while addressing leadership on the merits of increasing spends or devoting more time for initiatives.

3 thoughts on “Can You Determine The Total Value of Your Internal Communications Effort?

  1. Interesting approach by Infosys to value their employee … its good to monetize some of the intangibles perhaps as there are some limitations…it must carry conviction too … all the best 🙂

  2. Dear Sir,
    Great article. Calculating ROI for communication is a novel idea. But i feel that it would be impossible to value human resources. I am sure it would be difficult to include all the factors and come out with an absolute figure because Human Resources includes so many subjective factors.


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