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Addressing messages based on workforce profiling

Last week, I conducted a short session on Social Media and implications for recruiters for a set of hiring professionals in my organization.

The presentation aimed to highlight the explosion of current trends and tools, the need to adapt to change and tips on building personal and employer brands around the social media environment.

Milagres Church, Mangalore
Milagres Church, Mangalore

One element which caught the attention of the audience was about using the ‘right’ messages for the different workforce generations – veterans (born before 1945), baby boomers (1946-1960), Generation X (1961-1972) and Generation Y (1973-1990).  By understanding what appeals to each generation, one can improve the impact of communication to these audiences.

Tailoring messages around history and lineage makes sense to the old timers, industry awards and leadership influence baby boomers, Generation X thinks highly of organizations which have flexible work options, learning opportunities, work life balance and training. Cutting edge technology and corporate social responsibility work means a lot to the Generation Y people.

I believe is it vital for internal communicators to leverage these insights while communicating at the workplace to get better buy-in on change management initiatives and also to improve connection.

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