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Adapatability – key to evolving role of internal communicators

How does one describe the role of internal communicators? Strategic? Tactical? Complex? People oriented? Results focussed?

An executive administrator from a leading organization who was keen to join the ranks of an internal communications team got cold feet when she dived headlong into projects. “I am better off with what I am doing today if this is how complex the role is!” was her impression when working on coaching senior management, creating processes for improved communication, building self-help models for internal teams and setting up pulse sessions with employees.

While internal communication is fairly new as an domain, communication has been in existence from when organizations were created.

Fundamentally, understanding the business goals and need, the right mode of communication, the key messaging, timing and measurement metrics are what makes good internal communication stand apart from the ordinary.

From my experience, internal communicators are change agents and need to work like consultants thinking ahead and for the business.

This means, reviewing business plans for insights, interviewing customers, communicating ahead of time, involving stakeholders, measuring impact of communication, working with the leadership, assessing penetration of communication, making stakeholders communicate better, visiting workplaces, providing recognition among others.

As the Work Foundation puts it;

“The challenge of internal communications is not one that will go away, but is one of change. As technology, ways of working, structures of organisations and the nature of the economy change the challenge to organisations will be to ensure that their ability to communicate internally enhances their ability to engage with the external world.”

In a nutshell, adapatability will define how internal communication can shape the future of businesses.


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