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New media success tips for the management education community

The management education community (students, placement professionals and leaders) can derive immense benefits from new media/social media/Web 2.0 and its popularity.

Rising interest in new media coupled with faster, cheaper access to the internet has fueled opportunities for interactivity, community and brand building. But, awareness of how new media impacts our personal and professional lives is limited.

On June 27, 2008, while conducting a new media  workshop for students from the Bangalore Management Academy, Bangalore I learnt a few interesting insights.

– Although new media tools and techniques are already being adopted by the community, they are unaware of its implications and usage.

– There is a thirst for learning – from the basics to the complexities of how the new world operates.

– Differentiation in the Web 2.0 era is yet to be understood and so it personal branding.

– There is a fear of the unknown and the risks involved.

At the workshop, the key take-aways were around positioning in the web world, being aware of what works and what doesn’t and making the most of new media tools and trends for reasons ranging from easier access for search executives, branding and credibility.

Opportunities exist for placement officers and the management of educational institutes as well – from opening up new channels of communication to keeping track of new trends among Generation Y, their students.

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