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On the minds of senior management……

Over the last few weeks I have been conversing with a host of senior management in India and getting to know their views on the challenges and significance of internal communication and branding.

Some common themes emerge.

While internal communication is accepted as a practice, some professionals were unsure if it is a part of the communication mix and how it played a role.

Public relations and reputation management as communication drivers were top of mind, more so the latter due to its long term implications. Public relations is seen as a means to the end.

Most accepted that internal communication and PR were interrelated but were unsure how.

Those professionals exposed to the US and European markets had a far greater understanding and expectation of communication; viewing it as a long term investment rather than a short term one. Periodic briefings, regular meetings and closing the gap between what is perceived vs reality are some of the improvements expected.

Internal communication is not a silver bullet but a significant step in building a brand from the inside out.


6 thoughts on “On the minds of senior management……

  1. Internal Communication is a great way to build confidence in the mind of the internal customer – the most important link to a companys’ success. Most companies seem to be just waking up to the importance of internal communications.

    Which dept., do you think, is best equipped to handle the responsibility of internal communications ina company.

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  2. Hi Shubhra, thanks for dropping by.

    While HR professionals are the experts on people practices and policies, performance management to talent engagement, the job of upholding the employee branding and communication is best left to experts.

    Internal communicators are professionals who are expected to have a pulse on the organization, work as strategic advisors, plan to optimize communication, guide leadership on the best modes of communicating, provide ideas for employee engagement, articulate messages and measure the impact of communication.

    All the above require specialized skills and training.

  3. Thanks for your response.

    I have one more question. Do you think, somebody who has handled external communication and has no internal communication (no company newsletters / intranet & the works) to ones credit, can handle the responsibility? I think, it is very much possible, but since u r an expert and have a long standing experiece in Internal communications, I would definitely like to hear from you, what you think. Would you hire such a person? Would having decent enough content writing / communication skills & a willingness to explore a newer side of communication, be enough for the person, to be considered a suitable candidate?

  4. That is a very subjective question.

    Internal communication skills need development and practice but the generic understanding of how communication is created and implemented ( PR, event management etc) can help you to some extent in managing internal communication.

    Willingness to learn, an open mind and decent writing abilities will take you further.

    The key is to be sure of what you want to do and where you want to go. It becomes easier thereafter to work towards that career goal. My recommendation is to start at that point.

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