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Meeting Generation Next

On Saturday, April 26, 2008, I had an opportunity to meet an enthusiastic bunch of students while conducting a half-day workshop on corporate etiquette and networking. These students are working towards a 15 month MBA from a B-School in Bangalore.


Quite the Generation Next of India, I figured! Articulate, respectful, knowledgeable, willing to challenge the status quo and quick to embrace new technologies.


During the three-hour interaction, they asked me relevant and mostly tricky questions on corporate expectations (how to assert themselves), make a difference (land the right job – we discussed using social networking sites effectively), ability to identify the corporate culture and how they fit in (we spoke about matching personal values with the organization’s, generation X and Y). In fact, one student in class googled my name and got to my blog which inspired him to raise a question around quality of content vis-à-vis quantity of posts!


I learnt a lot through this interaction. Most importantly, understanding this new generation – the future of modern India, requires you to listen and observe them actively. Their ambitions, viewpoints and expectations are practical and transparent. Their need for openness and change are critical for human resource and communication professionals to consider while devising engagement strategies.



2 thoughts on “Meeting Generation Next

  1. To start with, it was the first time I’d ever seen a person from advertising industry who was so calm and composed(I don’t mean people from advt. always jump around), a person who could capture the attention of the entire group not only in listening to him, but also in actively participating in the activity that we had. To say that the session was fruitful would be an understatement. The discussion was really helpful in getting a new perspective on how communication is happening today, especially in networking sites. I would love to have had the session goin on for some more time, as Mr.Verghese too had some more aspects to cover. Nevertheless there is always a possibility to have you come back sir,

    thank you so much for for all that you taught us.


  2. It was great interacting with you on the other day. Practically we learnt how effective would we be if we know to communicate the right way. Most of us had a negative connotation associated with networking but you came and changed the way we interpreted the word Networking. I really hope we would meet once again and I look forward to that day…


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