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Refreshing internal campaigns and challenges

Very often internal initiatives lose momentum due to a host of reasons – ownership within the business, other campaigns getting better share of mind, budget cuts among others. Campaigns usually run out of steam after the intitial first round of messaging and gets communicators in a fix.

 The organization may have added a fresh set of employees by the time the next round of communication is rolled out. A long term commitment and plan to refresh communication is vital to the success of any campaign. From my experience many campaigns are treated as one-off exercises.

 Some recommendations to refresh internal initiatives are:

Increase internal touchpoints for communication – be it at induction, at a Town Hall or through artefacts in the walkways.

Cultivate a set of internal brand advocates to promote and reinstate the messages.

Use easily understood words like ‘new’, ‘improved’ or ‘enhanced’ to re-launch the next set of mesages.

 Take the opportunity to recap, showcase milestones and project success stories since the earlier communication.

Cross sell the program on other company internal vehicles.

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