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New Media to me means…


Probably we need to run a survey to find out what New Media or Social Media means to the consumer….while New Media is defined by communicators and commentators with interesting descriptions, my feeling is that the end-users do not perceive it in that fashion.

New Media to me means – an ability to be heard, an opportunity to explore and a forum to connect with like minded individuals.

I did a search on royalty free image websites for ‘New Media’. What was interesting to find common threads around people, technology and the feeling of accomplishment.


Another interesting viewpoint can be read here.

2 thoughts on “New Media to me means…

  1. Hi Aniisu,

    The workshop was definitely useful and gave us interesting insights on new media.

    If I’m not wrong, it’s always better to start with an internal blog and then go for a public domain blog. Can you also please suggest how the new media is useful for smaller companies. Is there a way to customize it?


  2. Hi Lata, thanks for your post.

    I would recommend testing the waters internally. Even if it is a monthly post by the leadership, you can include an option for comments – which in effect becomes a blog. Increase the frequency or have the senior leadership respond to the comments – and it becomes more and more interactive!

    My gut feel is that new media is probably easier to start in smaller firms but in case of technology investments you might face bottlenecks unless you can justify the costs.

    There are numerous free softwares which you can download, plug in and play.

    Hope this answers your queries.

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