Internal Communication

Mind-set maneuvers

From an internal communications standpoint, India poses the best possible opportunities from many aspects. Apart from cultural angles, we also need to understand the working styles and mind-sets while preparing communication strategies. The outsourcing phenomenon also brings along several challenges and opportunites. What probably worked in the US or the UK, will need to get tested or modified. Like the way advertising campaigns get tweaked, I would think internal campaigns need more attention – cause we should be sensitive to the usage of terminologies, the use of visual imagery and how certain processes and systems are viewed in these parts.

In India, getting employees to change from a manual option to a high-end system expects a great deal of internal selling. Far more than employees in say the US upgrading from one operational mechanism to another. We usually get into a maze by thinking that what worked elsewhere can just be retro-fitted.

Rigrous and consistent prototyping and testing are some ways to bring about the ‘mind-set’ change. Also by getting all stakeholders on the same page early enough in the planning.

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