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India is more than elephants and snakes!

Despite major strides in the areas of technology, science and even outsourcing, the perception that still lingers in the minds of those that matter is of a vast land with cattle and cars sharing roads, snakecharmers and elephants and what have you!

It still continues to appeal to our outsourcing partners though….we just completed a video which involved the head of the India division dressed as a maharaja ( complete with a kurta and a turban!) standing next to an elephant and anchoring a ‘live’ video feed from Bangalore.

It will be pieced together for a larger video which showcases India to the partners in the US. So much for development and moving forward……the challenges on the ground are obviously real….infrastruture, transport, working options and more….

The elephant was ‘outsourced’, so was the video crew! Heck…

Chuck the iPod, Macs and fancy Toyotas….this image of India is going to stay for a bit longer…

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