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Outsourcing and sensitivities in internal communications

I happened to have an interesting discussion with a manager recently who felt that we do a good job of communicating to our employees in India…but the India to US communication needed a face-lift.

He highlighted some very interesting points and I am listing them here.

1. How do we continue to set expectations on the US side on issues like bandhs and closures in India? The US expects things are in order and we can manage these crisises.

2. How can we communicate the scope of outsourcing? Does work coming to India mean jobs get cut in the US? Not necessarily. Well, the message that reaches the US is different.

3. Are we sentitive to key words which mean different things to outsourcing parties? For example, does ownership mean we ‘want the whole thing’? Or can we just say ‘partnership’?

4. Does a wide spectrum of work done by a manager in India mean the outsourcing counterpart is redundant?

5. Are we tackling attrition by leveraging the right channels and forums within the organization? For example, the internal job movement option is powerful to establish the organization’s openness to provide growth.

6. If Indian resources are training in the US, it could mean they are going to do work which others are losing? Are they aware and therefore sensitive? Does it reflect in their communication?

7. Are we saying the positive messages instead of talking of why outsourcing is an evil?

These were eye-openers for me…any thoughts?

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