Internal Communication

Communicating while in transit

In India, with the outsourcing boom, we have witnessed a spurt of transport fleet management entities which ferry employees to and from their homes and work.

I am sure it is a unique concept compared to any other nation involved in outsourcing. Our challenges stem from matching shift timings, infrastructure issues, transport drawbacks among others.

Well, internal communicators in India have been quick to tap this new opportunity. I am aware of radio jingles and messages being placed within these vans (mostly Toyota Qualises or Tata Sumos) and catching employees where they least expect to be bombarded with information!

Again, communicators need to be aware that such extention of campaigns are feasible only when the vans are company owned vehicles and not ‘outsourced’ to thrid party vendors!

I usually take this drive time to meditate while my pick-up vehicle meanders through Bangalore’s irritating traffic!

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