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Improving the internal communications practice

I have always wondered if internal communication professionals need to improve their own understanding of the business and enhance processes or do they need to make other employees better communicators to be successful at their jobs.

Anyday, I would pitch for the latter….by helping other employees and clients become better communicators, the internal communications professional can play the role of advisor and strategist.

Any differing viewpoints?

One thought on “Improving the internal communications practice

  1. I think it’s even more important to understand whom is actually doing the communicating in organization–peer-to-peer and water cooler chat is at least as important as formal management communication, and alarmingly little is done to support, nurture, and direct it in a productive and supportive direction. Teaching managers to give better power-point presentations gets a lot more emphasis than teaching vocal employees where to find the facts about what they are discussing in the canteen, but it’s hard to say that it’s more important.

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