Internal Communication

Communicating less for more!

Recently an internal human resources function faced a unique situation while conducting an education sponsorship program. There were 40 seats for a leading technology education institute in the country for which the company was sponsoring employees for higher studies. This was part of the group’s initiatives to retain employees and further their growth and learning. The communication pitched the ‘learn while they earn’ theme and enabling employees to leverage impressive tie-ups which the company had with thought leaders in the education domain. After the first round of communication, the team received a rousing 150 responses – close to 4 times the numbers of available seats! They wanted to now harp on this achievement by mentioning the number of responses in the next round of communication. I reviewed the decision and decided against mentioning the number of responses so far. I put myself in the shoes of the employee and realized that if I was to get a communication talking of the 150 responses against a total seat number of 40, would I be excited to apply? Surely not. I would have felt I lost the opportunity. By holding back on this communication, the team got another 100 responses to the next mail! This was a case of communicating less and achieving more!

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